Small Business

Figuring out the rules of engagement in a post-pandemic world is complicated for even the savviest entrepreneurs. By empowering small businesses with digital payment solutions, data insights and the tools to more efficiently and securely run their enterprises, Mastercard is committed to helping entrepreneurs around the world not only recover but grow and thrive.

COVID-19 Response
With COVID-19 front of mind, Innovation Challenge puts people first

During a crisis, a sense of both empathy and urgency is plentiful – and can propel ideas with real impact.

The data disconnect: How to reconcile consumer privacy and business needs

Executives believe consumers are reaping benefits when they share their data; consumers aren’t convinced, a new survey shows.

Signed, sealed, encrypted: This digital ID is all yours

Trust Stamp is tackling the challenge of balancing trust, privacy and security through its AI-powered digital ID solution called Evergreen Hash.

How to come out thriving on the other side

The COVID-19 reset is an opportunity to reinvent how we serve our customers and communities, rethink how we work, reimagine our role, and our business models.

See it, be it: When young women have STEM mentors, they shine

A recent survey by Mastercard of boys and girls showed lack of confidence and differences in motivation often keep girls away from studying STEM and later pursuing careers in the field.

COVID-19 Response
The Network Effect: Collaborating to serve communities in need

The Angeleno Campaign has distributed $25 million in assistance since the start of the pandemic. Now the program is scaling to eight cities and two states nationwide.

Top takeaways from our Virtual Cyber & Risk Summit

Experts across the ecosystem offered insights into cybersecurity, including how to balance risk and trust throughout the entire consumer journey, not just when we click 'buy.'

In solidarity: June 19 and beyond

June 19 marks Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S. In support of Mastercard’s statement last week about What We Stand For, the day is a perfect opportunity for all of us around the world to pause and reflect.

Calling decency into action

The past month has shown us we are not yet fully able to judge people by ‘the content of their character, not the color of the skin.’ It’s time to change that. Read blog by Tim Murphy.

Point of contact: A tablet might spur confidence in restaurant reopenings

Ziosk, part of Mastercard’s Start Path startup engagement program, is helping rethink the dining experience during COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

Truth in plastic: What it means to go shopping with no explanation necessary

Transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people now have a card that matches their true identity.

‘Lead with knowledge, not fear’: Building trust in brands in an age of cyber threats

As technology evolves, cyber strategies need to evolve along with it.

COVID-19 Response
Power wheels: Lyft drivers pivot to help essential workers

Having access to affordable, reliable transportation takes on new meaning in the pandemic

'I didn't buy that... did I?' Helping shoppers solve the mystery of 'friendly fraud'

Deciphering credit card statements shouldn’t require a degree in forensics. How digital receipts can help.

Covid-19 Response
A crystal ball for a COVID world

Data-driven services can help merchants assess, react and plan in a time ruled by uncertainty, delivering better experiences and peace of mind for shoppers.

Fortune Favors the Bold

On this bonus episode host, Ashley C. Ford talks to Mike Froman of Mastercard and Trevor Mundel of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation about the private and public sectors responses to this global health pandemic and the economic crisis.

An inflection point in US bill payments

Transactis CEO Joe Proto says the current crisis is accelerating the trend toward digital billing and payment technologies. Industry collaboration will sustain this beyond the pandemic, benefiting everyone.

Covid-19 Response
Finding the silver lining: A South African fashion designer pivots with the pandemic

How one entrepreneur has got the shift to online shopping all sewn up

Why we are our own best protection: The case for biometrics

Advances in technology are shifting knowledge-based methods of verification, like passwords, to recognition-based ones, delivering seamless authentication in real time.

To serve consumers, businesses will need to adjust to a touch-free world

Technology is rising to meet the challenges of ensuring safety, security and a seamless checkout experience.

Covid-19 Response
Digital priceless experiences create new ways to connect

By thinking 'inside the screen,' the Priceless team has been able to curate virtual experiences on a global scale, from golfing to cooking to a special event with Camila Cabello.

What's next for the next billion users

Often financial inclusion efforts often stall at access and don’t translate into usage. To bring millions more into the formal financial system, we need develop products that people will want to use.

Covid-19 Response
Fighting fraud, one scam at a time

With fraudsters working overtime during the COVID-19 crisis, Mastercard's Brand Performance team is working with government and law enforcement agencies to protect consumers from counterfeit testing kits and other coronavirus scams.

Covid-19 Response
Intern from home: Moving a rite of passage online in 2020

From mentor check-ins to Skype happy hours, making internships meaningful in the age of quarantine is possible.

Covid-19 Response
In the face of COVID-19, ordinary people are doing extraordinary things

Doing well and doing good doesn't stop in a crisis. Here are three stories of Mastercard employees making a difference during lockdown.

Why installments are new again – and even more relevant

Interest in alternative financing, including installments, is surging. Zahir Khoja, executive vice president, Merchant Solutions and Partnerships, shares five reasons why.

Covid-19 Response
When protecting small businesses becomes personal

Small businesses are among the most underserved when it comes cybersecurity, and the COVID-19 crisis raises new risks. Mastercard’s Alex Niejelow is helping empower them with tools to protect themselves.

Earnings Review: Delivering for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities

Chief Financial Officer, Sachin Mehra, shares his thoughts on our first quarter financial performance

2019 Stockholder Letter

Our CEO, Ajay Banga, and Chairman, Rick Haythornthwaite reflect on how we delivered against our 2019 strategy and discuss how we're continuing to connect people to opportunities amidst this crisis and beyond

How a simple tap can be a shot in the arm for small business

The contactless technology that consumers are embracing can also help small business quickly pivot to digital payments

When invisibility isn’t a superpower

Our new goal, to bring a total of 1 billion people into the digital economy by 2025, will require innovative partnerships.

Why Earth Day matters more than ever

In the current crisis, we’ve seen that individual actions can have a powerful cumulative effect. The same is true for climate change – let’s work together to have real impact.

Advancing sustainability, one experiment at a time

Businesses around the globe have had to adjust to entirely new customer needs and behaviors. Read how Mastercard’s “test and learn” experimentation platform allows retailers to try ideas before rolling them out more broadly.

Covid-19 Response
Showing up for small business when it matters most

When these businesses suffer, the nation suffers. And right now, they are amongst the hardest hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’ve come together with the White House, Congress and our fellow business leaders to help.

Covid-19 Response
A letter to our community

Right now – when the world has had to resort to extreme measures to tackle extreme circumstances – decency is even more important. It’s what’s going to give us a fighting chance at faster recovery and, eventually, growth on the other side.

Covid-19 Response
These startups’ bright ideas for fighting COVID-19 show tech at its best

The pandemic has spurred many of our Start Path startups into action, from working on innovative diagnostic tools to helping cities better respond to their citizens’ needs.

Covid-19 Response
Rebuilding today’s workforce: Governments, nonprofits and tech companies join forces to start recovery now

Our partnership with OnwardUS will help connect those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 with retraining, new jobs and access to financial assistance.

Covid-19 Response
Helping the unbanked and others receive their stimulus money

The millions of unbanked Americans due to receive stimulus money may have to wait weeks for their checks, and then they will lose a percentage through fees when they cash it. Digital payments can change that.

Covid-19 Response
Embracing the commitment to partnerships

Times of challenge, times of crisis and times of need are when true partnerships are tested and strengthened. Read how Mastercard is helping our partners during this time.

Covid-19 Response
Protecting employees in a time of crisis

As the scale of COVID-19 quickly grew clear, Mastercard’s Rosanne Cuje and her benefits team jumped into action to make sure employees around the world would have the flexibility they need to take care of themselves and their families in this unprecedented situation.

Covid-19 Response
Consumer experience in the time of coronavirus

In times like these, a focus on customer experience is more critical than ever, and the right experience can restore a measure of control and deliver reassurance in world suddenly ruled by fear and anxiety, says Chief Experience Officer Donald Chesnut.

Covid-19 Response
Saving Main Street in the wake of COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, Main Street businesses are fighting for their survival. The Center for Inclusive Growth identifies five ways tech and partnerships can strengthen Community Development Financial Institutions.

Covid-19 Response
Protecting what connects us in a time of crisis

As healthcare workers heroically tend to the vulnerable, cyber criminals are targeting vulnerabilities in healthcare organizations’ IT defenses. Through RiskRecon, we are offering free cybersecurity ratings assessments to healthcare organizations worldwide.

Covid-19 Response
Bypassing billing disputes in the COVID-19 era

Mass cancellations means millions of people are seeking refunds or credits. Here are tips for streamlining the process and what Mastercard is doing behind the scenes to resolve challenges to purchases quickly.

Covid-19 Response
An #LALOVE story: How the city got aid to its most vulnerable citizens in just 8 days

As the enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, the City of Los Angeles needed to help its most vulnerable citizens. Here's how Mastercard and a non-profit helped L.A. launch a relief program in 8 days.

COVID-19 Response
How Mastercard is helping consumers

At Mastercard, we’ve always enabled people to buy the things they want and need in the safest, most secure manner possible. More now than ever, we’re putting all our power, capabilities, and technology to work to make sure everyone has a little less to worry about.

COVID-19 Response
Learning at home with G4T

As a mother of two daughters, Susan Warner knows the importance of STEM education at an early age. Through Mastercard's collaboration with Scholastic, she has worked to bring our signature Girls4Tech curriculum online.

Oxford Cyber Futures

A new online program from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Mastercard will use next-gen learning tools to address cyber risks and help create a safe and secure cyber world.

Marketing Sense

This installment of Marketing Sense focuses on how marketers should respond to the COVID-19 crisis and how now, more than ever, it’s time for all of us to show our humanity.

Did you hear that? Mastercard named best audio brand in 2020

Since launching in 2019, the Mastercard Sonic Brand has brought to life our purpose in a new but visceral way, connecting human emotion and technology.

The Data Divide: Starting with the gender gap

Chief Data Officer, JoAnn Stonier, shares how to ensure data professionals broaden their perspectives and check their biases.

Tracing shrimp to the source using blockchain

The journey of food through the increasingly complex global supply chain has been stubbornly opaque. A partnership between Envisible, Mastercard and other partners gives consumers sea-to-supermarket transparency simply scanning a QR code.

Investing in women everywhere

Using digital technology to change the way workers get paid helps people remain resilient during emergencies, which is critical now as workers around the world face growing economic uncertainty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When smaller payments create better opportunities

Pay on Demand has already helped bring solar power to families in Africa. The model is poised to offer so much more.

For women, for everyone: Mastercard’s commitment to gender balance

Mastercard is pushing our networks further, forging ambitious partnerships and championing the people, businesses and innovations that are transforming the way our world works.

Why financial inclusion has always been personal

Salah Goss shares how her childhood shaped her perspective on financial inclusion.

How to predict the future when the only constant is change

Maja Lapcevic shares her insights on innovation in emerging technologies when their potential isn’t immediately clear.

Mastering Cyber

In a weekly 60 second podcast, host Alissa Abdullah, PhD a.k.a. "Dr Jay,” will provide cyber tips, tricks and terms.

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