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30 September 2020

State of pay: What people want 2020/21

Informed by our global state of pay research, we partnered with WIRED to consider what it takes to create a future where payments are safer, simpler, smarter, and more accessible for everyone.

8 October 2020

Banking for humanity

Michael Froman, vice chairman and president of strategic growth at Mastercard, explores challenges and opportunities to enable financial inclusion and help build pathways to financial resilience.

21 October 2020

Fast-tracking an inclusive world 

Driving sustainable inclusion is high on most governments' agendas, but how will we achieve it? We invite Mastercard partners and industry to share ideas and opportunities to widen access to financial services.

18 November 2020

Beyond speed: Powering economies 2020–50

As the real-time market continues to mature, how can payment platform and service providers provide security, certainty, and resilience? We consider the value of advanced data standards and industry collaboration.


The global state of pay 2020

If there’s one thing we've learnt from the coronavirus pandemic it's that the financial system has been too rigid for too long globally.

Our research offers insight for the industry to make payments safe, simple, smart and more accessible for everyone.

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Pause for payments

The future of money: When will cash disappear?

Liz Oakes, executive vice president for strategy and operations excellence, joined Kirsty Duncan, founder and CEO of Women in Payments, to discuss people’s payment behaviours in the new normal. 


Redefining the future of payments

Paul Stoddart, president of New Payment Platforms, talks to Sibos TV about the ongoing shift redefining the future of the payments sector, the impact of the pandemic on consumer spending habits and Mastercard's multi-rail strategy.


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