Mastercard Signals

From 5G to cryptocurrency, the global landscape for payments and commerce is undergoing a profound shift that will reshape the digital economy of tomorrow. Mastercard Signals, examines the transformative innovations, global trends and new behaviors changing the way we shop, sell, interact, and exchange.

In this edition of Mastercard Signals, we explore opportunities in commerce that both push against and reach beyond accepted boundaries. 

Augmented Commerce

A look at the potential for augmented commerce. What is it? What commerce use cases exist today and what can we look forward to as technology evolves? 

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The Future of P2P Payments

The outlook for P2P is bright.  What are the implications of growing p2p adoption?  What new use cases will emerge?

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Reaching beyond: payments in space

Investment in space technology is growing. Are there payments use cases worth considering? Should we even (yes) care about something that is so far away? 

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Retail in motion

Mobility as a Service is expanding into Mobility as an Enterprise Service.  Could retailers use MaaS to offset the competitive impact of same-day and next-day delivery?

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