Mastercard, CHTA launch Tourism Insights Platform

Miami, FL | May 6, 2020

The platform will illuminate 360-degree travel trends from search to in-market spending for Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

Due to launch this May, the Platform will initially provide CHTA, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, with insights for three markets in the region – Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

From the moment a visitor types a destination into a search bar, to when they post a tweet during their trip, the Tourism Insights Platform will identify trends incorporating publicly available search engine trends and aggregated purchase trends in one easy to use platform.

“At a time when the travel and tourism industries are facing unprecedented challenges, hotels, restaurants, and governments are looking for greater insights to help with their ongoing planning efforts,” stated John Munoz, vice president, Business Development, Mastercard. “This is part of our continued commitment to support and strengthen economies throughout the Caribbean.”

The platform will examine key touchpoints in the travel funnel, identifying trends like total searches for a specific market, cross-border purchasing trends, and social media comments.

“Mastercard has provided CHTA and the industry with invaluable trendline and comparative data, particularly regarding consumer spending patterns.   The Tourism Insights Platform broadens the intelligence spectrum, providing in one location metrics that allow for a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors and comparative markets.  This helps destinations and industry stakeholders to make more informed decisions, aimed at yielding a greater return on their marketing investments” states CHTA’s CEO and Director General Frank Comito.

Decision-makers can leverage this access to relevant, smart data and tourism insights to reach their “ideal” tourist, increase efficiency, and optimize their marketing investments to maximize return on investment.

Roberto Vila

Product, Brand & Experience Communications, Latin America & the Caribbean
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