Mastercard expands its Business Intelligence Platform for Financial Institutions in Latin America & the Caribbean

Market Trends is an online tool featuring up-to-date payments data, consumer and industry insights

MIAMI –  January 20, 2021: After a successful launch in Europe, Mastercard announced today the expansion of its new interactive business intelligence platform Market Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean. The new platform provides a comprehensive view of payments insights, competitive intelligence and industry trends for banks and financial institutions across Europe and now the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region.

In LAC, the platform enables a comparison of 700 cards from 13 countries in the region, access to market reports, analysis of global and regional leading fintechs and thought leadership on key payment industry and technology trends, such as Open Banking and Blockchain. Mastercard Market Trends provides a simple, curated view of reliable research – all in one place.

“Mastercard Market Trends offers a one stop shop for banks and financial institutions to access key information, which will allow for better decision making and results. The Platform has introduced insights, trends and consumer needs, specifically designed for the Latin America and Caribbean market,” said Carlo Enrico, President, Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean. “I am excited to offer this new product to our customers across the region and feel confident it will become an integral part of their day-to-day market industry research needs.”

Mastercard Market Trends includes five key features:

  • Market Assessment:easy to access reports providing insights for socio-economic, payment and digital KPI data curated at local level by Mastercard teams with 12 LAC markets analyzed in detail.
  • Card Comparison:filtering and benchmarking features of card products issued by different schemes and issuers to help customers understand the current competitive landscape. This includes an overview of key metrics and features at the local level. More than 700 cards are available for comparison from 13 LAC countries.
  • Consumer Research:access to research studies commissioned by Mastercard regionally and globally to provide insight across a wide range of topics.
  • New Payment Experience:analysis of leading regional and global Fintechs and best practices to help inform strategies in a constantly evolving payments landscape e.g., use cases and company profiles.
  • Industry Insight: access to our repository of videos, studies and global thought leadership on technology trends that are shaping the industry.

This platform is the latest offering from Mastercard Data & Services and is available now for issuers and acquirers across the Latin America and Caribbean region by accessing the Market Trends website via with their Mastercard Connect credentials. It is slated to expand to two other regions in 2021, giving access to additional perspectives from other regions in terms of market assessment and cards comparisons for customers throughout the region.