Mastercard protects SMEs against cyberthreats through Trust Center in Latin America and Caribbean

November 30, 2022
Mastercard Trust Center offers free online access to trusted cybersecurity research, education, resources and tools that enable owners to feel more secure and better equipped against cybercrime.

Miami, November 30, 2022.- According to Juniper Research, digital commerce transactions are expected to reach $9 trillion by 2024, an increase of 60% over the last four years. An increase in transactions also increases the risk of cyberattacks, and small businesses are among the most vulnerable. A survey conducted in 2020 by the Cyber Readiness Institute showed that the smaller a business, the more likely they are to underestimate the risk of online attacks and less likely to take effective countermeasures.

To help small and medium businesses defend their assets and reputation from fraud scams, Mastercard has created the Mastercard Trust Center, and it is now bringing it to Latin America and Caribbean, with content in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Trust Center provides a tailor-made approach, adaptable to each business need. Whether entrepreneurs are starting to learn about cybersecurity, expanding their knowledge or mastering the management of cybersecurity, the Mastercard Trust Center offers a set of tools and solutions specifically designed by the organization’s Cyber & Intelligence team, who has been working with small businesses for years.

Trust is our business

Mastercard is committed to creating a digital economy where innovation is embedded with the highest levels of security, turning digital transactions into trusted interactions. From the moment the consumer opens a browser or an app to the arrival of his or her purchase on the doorstep, Mastercard secures the payment process end-to-end:

  • By monitoring risk across the global digital ecosystem – equipping customers with the information they need to detect fraud vulnerability.
  • By using identity verification data and machine learning to help our customers confidently know who their customers are and, in turn, help them safely shop online.
  • By leveraging technologies like AI, where Mastercard has saved more than $30bn from being lost to cybercriminals across our network in the past two years alone.

Mastercard is constantly adapting and striving to stay ahead. Since 2018, it has invested more than $1 billion in cybersecurity capabilities, which helped prevent 2.5 billion digital interactions globally from fraudulent activities in 2021 alone, globally. As much as the company is evolving together with the emergence of 5G, quantum, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, it remains close to the small business community, enabling owners and customers to feel protected and safe.

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