The rise of fintech intermediaries

August 12, 2021

2021 has been the strongest year for fintech intermediary funding outside of the United States and Europe. Fintech intermediaries, companies that use new technology to offer modular financial capabilities to brands and enterprises to embed financial services in their customer offerings, have seen $2.66 billion in investments to June 2021 – that’s already 90% of all of 2020.

Produced in partnership with Mastercard Start Path and KoreFusion, “The Rise of Fintech Intermediaries” focuses on how fintech intermediaries create value by building on platform business models to leverage cloud computing, APIs and open source banking protocols. Start Path’s first quarterly report with KoreFusion explores several emerging fintech trends, including how well-recognized brands are continuing to build momentum in and beyond their home markets and highlights the diverse global landscape and strong investor belief in local players.

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