How governments can help SMEs overcome barriers faced in public procurement

June 9, 2022

Mastercard has supported PUBLIC to develop an authoritative, data-driven report benchmarking how different countries around the world are supporting public procurement for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In consultation with a panel of global procurement experts, the report uses over 450 data points to analyze the procurement practices of 18 representative countries around the world, with particular focus on the potential of data and new technologies to support SME participation. 

Representing 13% of GDP according to World Bank estimates, public procurement is a powerful tool for improving public service delivery. , Governments are keen to support greater participation from SMEs, who offer both value for money and innovation, while supporting the economy.  

Mastercard is actively working with governments around the world to help them use their procurement budgets as effectively as possible while making it easier for suppliers, especially SMEs, to participate. Our technologies help unlock payment efficiencies, improve transparency and control, identify and manage cyber risk, and generate detailed insights – helping governments to do more with less. 

"Making it easier for SMEs to access public procurement opportunities improves the general economic environment and supports principles such as equal treatment, open access and effective competition."
Nic Villa, executive vice president for Strategic Growth

The Global SME Procurement Benchmark report unveils some of the leading approaches to buying from SMEs around the world, as well as broad areas where there is room for improvement. More importantly, it outlines tangible steps that governments can take towards ensuring that the progress made is not only sustained but strengthened. 

Read the blog, 'How to overcome barriers faced by SMEs in public procurement' at PUBLIC

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