Designing the next generation of money transfer solutions

July 27, 2023

As a leading innovator in the payments and technology space, Mastercard is committed to listening to the voices of our customers and their users to shape the future of payments according to their needs and aspirations.

Money transfer solutions are one of the most important tools preparing people, businesses and governments for that future. The demand for digital cross-border payments has risen since the pandemic. As the world faces the displacement of populations due to increased migration, a reset in working practice, and uncertain economic times, money transfers have never been more crucial. Whether it’s a government sending aid to citizens after a disaster, or a migrant worker sharing their paycheck with family overseas, the changing state of the world is powered by money transfer technology.

To ensure that we’re addressing the right needs, earlier this year, Mastercard conducted one-on-one moderated interviews with representatives from financial services companies, digital brands and their end customers across the North America and Asia Pacific regions.

This report explores our research findings. By working together with payment leaders and end customers, we can build a modern money transfer solution that sets the pace of innovation. It’s our goal to provide choice, access and transparency for both domestic and cross-border payments — and these research findings will inform our efforts as we shape the future of payments.