What’s Next In podcast: Ken Moore and the potential of emerging tech

February 22, 2021 | By Anthony Venutolo

From 5G to blockchain to quantum computing and more, emerging technologies have the potential to transform almost every aspect of our lives. Ken Moore, Mastercard’s chief innovation officer, is behind the company’s efforts to harness them in new ways, modernizing payments and transforming transactions.

On the latest episode of "What's Next In," Moore shares his thoughts on Mastercard's approach to innovation, risk-taking and collaboration. He discusses which emerging tech excites him the most, including the hot topic from CES this year, 5G: “It's ten times faster, responds ten times quicker and can support 300 times more simultaneously-connected products," he says. 

Hosted by Arthur Baker, each episode of "What's Next In" informally explores big ideas and trends in the world of payments technology and beyond.

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Anthony Venutolo, Manager, Global Communications