Earnings Review: The product of our priorities and our people

January 27, 2022 | By Sachin Mehra

The quarterly earnings cycle gives us an opportunity to share an update on both our performance and areas of focus with all of our stakeholders. 

By the numbers, we delivered strong growth in the fourth quarter of 2021, both in terms of revenue and earnings. Our net revenues were up 28% versus year ago – on a non-GAAP currency neutral basis – contributing to our strong growth in net income.

We know that these results don’t just happen on their own. They come as our talented, driven teams across the globe deliver on our strategy and priorities every day. Their work in expanding in payments, extending our services and embracing new networks is second to none. Let me highlight a few examples:

Expanding payments

We’re strengthening relationships across our consumer credit and debit portfolios and expanding contactless acceptance, seen in the growth of Tap on Phone. Several of those programs were highlighted during our call. In addition, we are addressing new payment flows – including commercial, B2B accounts payables, bill payments and cross-border remittances. You see this in our efforts to scale Mastercard Track by using machine-learning technologies to improve the experience for buyers and suppliers. And, the payments choices we offer will expand further in the coming months with the U.S. launch of our open-loop Mastercard Installments program.

Extending our services

Services continue to reinforce the truly differentiated value we deliver to our customers and partners. They are enhancing the value of payments, while delivering greater trust and more meaningful relationships. Our planned acquisition of Dynamic Yield will further expand our services offerings and add to a unified consumer engagement and loyalty hub for both merchants and financial institutions.

Embracing new networks

There’s a lot of potential that we see in the areas of open banking and digital identity. With the completion of our acquisition of Aiia, we’re adding strong API connectivity with European banks to a similarly comprehensive footprint in North America. Our teams are focused on building the solutions that will help people activate their financial data to solve real challenges today. That’s complemented with the progress we’re seeing in helping our customers with fast, frictionless digital identity verification services. 

All of this reinforces a strong foundation for the opportunity we see for Mastercard and our partners. Yes, the path forward may not be without the occasional hiccup. But, when you look at our long-term strategic priorities alongside how consumers, businesses and governments have become more adaptable to a changing environment, we’re optimistic about our future and our ability to deliver top and bottom-line growth.

Photo of Sachin Mehra
Sachin Mehra, Chief Financial Officer, Mastercard