Threatcasting is helping organizations across the public and private sectors project 10 years into the future and visualize how risks, such as cyberattacks or bombings, may evolve so that they can be disrupted or mitigated, and how organizations can recover from them if they happen.


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'You don't want the future to happen to you'

Each year, Mastercard brings together cybersecurity experts from across the public and private sectors to engage in threatcasting, which imagines threat scenarios 10 years into the future and collaborates on ways to mitigate them – for example, the most recent exercise focused on the convergence of artificial intelligence and 6G networks. Here’s what the participants had to say.


Threatcasting: Staying ahead of cyberattacks

Fraud, identity theft, ransomware – the nature of cyber threats is continuing to evolve as technology does. That’s why Mastercard and its partners have embraced a methodology called threatcasting. Mastercard’s Deputy Chief Security Officer Alissa “Dr. Jay” Abdullah talks with futurist Brian David Johnson about the company’s commitment to threatcasting, how it works and what it takes to disrupt the future.


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