Mastercard accelerates deployment of Digital First solutions

March 8, 2021 | PURCHASE, NY

Mastercard Engage platform expansion provides customers with fast and easy access to new set of qualified technology partners

Mastercard is expanding the Engage platform, offering customers easy access to a growing network of qualified technology and fintech partners that can quickly deploy Mastercard Digital First solutions. These solutions will enable customers to provide entirely digital payment experiences for consumers, from acquisition and card usage to management and engagement, with a physical card option.

“The expansion of Mastercard Engage is happening at a critical time when financial institutions and digital players are seeking to fulfill consumer demand for digital experiences but may not have all of the in-house capabilities to do so,” said Andrea Scerch, President, Consumer Products for Issuers. “Instead of merely supporting physical cards with digital experiences, we are powering consumer choice by building a robust network of qualified enablers that can help our customers quickly launch digital products from the ground up.”

The Mastercard Engage network includes partners that provide various components and integration capabilities across the Digital First customer journey to deliver a frictionless payment experience, including Signzy to support digital onboarding and instant eKYC services, Provenir to provide real-time risk decisioning, issuer processors such as Galileo, i2c and Marqeta, and end-to-end Digital First enablers Thales and Verestro.

Mastercard has a long history of working with technology and fintech partners to build the future of payments. The evolution of the Mastercard Engage platform demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to enabling customers in building out their digital first consumer journey.

The Mastercard Engage program is now open to support Digital First deployment, provide on-the-ground assistance as well as training through the Mastercard Academy, and promotion to Mastercard’s extensive customer base. Visit the Mastercard Engage website for more information.

Quote Sheet:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated business continuity solutions and seamless digital customer experiences that require minimal interaction,” said Arpit Ratan, Co-Founder and Business Head at Signzy. “We’re proud to continue our partnership with Mastercard through the Engage program to support digital onboarding for digital first solutions.”

“Agility and innovation are key in a digital-first market and businesses need purpose-built technology designed to outpace market evolution,” said Larry Smith, Founder and CEO at Provenir. “We’re excited to bring Provenir’s real-time risk decisioning technology to the Mastercard Engage network to help deploy best-in-class solutions.”

“Today’s consumers expect frictionless digital payments experiences, and Galileo is meeting this demand by making it easy for their financial services providers to be digital-first and even digital-only with great features like push provisioning to mobile wallets, virtual cards and more," said Clay Wilkes, CEO at Galileo. "As a partner on the Mastercard Engage platform, we’re providing businesses with digital payment capabilities they can build on to heighten their customers' payments convenience, access and security.”

“Enabling seamless digital experiences is central to modern financial life and so we’re thrilled to help Mastercard customers in their pursuit of Digital First programs,” said Jim McCarthy, President at i2c. “i2c has been at the forefront of digital transformation and our highly-configurable, single global platform is uniquely qualified to support these deployments – we're genuinely excited to be recognized as a Mastercard Engage provider.”

“Consumers have come to expect seamless digital experiences and want to be able to manage all parts of their financial life through digital channels. We’re thrilled to help Mastercard customers more easily launch Digital First programs that speak to these demands,” said Salman Syed, SVP and GM, North America at Marqeta. “We look forward to our modern card issuing technology delivering value for tomorrow's innovators and are excited to be a qualified provider on the Mastercard Engage platform.”

“We are thrilled to be qualified as an early Digital First partner on the Mastercard Engage platform,” said François Chaffard, VP, Digital Banking & Payment at Thales. “Our end-to-end digital issuance solution enables Financial Institutions to leverage their existing assets and offer an optimized mobile-first digital experience to their customers.”

“Frictionless digital first solutions are made possible through end-to-end API platforms,” said Krzysztof Drzyzga, CEO at Verestro. “As part of the Mastercard Engage platform, we provide enablement capabilities across the entire digital first journey for banks and fintech partners looking to deploy digital solutions quickly.”

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