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Mastercard at Money 20/20: Driving the future of finance

October 18, 2023

Mastercard provides choice for businesses big and small and the communities, people and partners around us, helping reshape the digital economy with innovative technologies that make an impact on their connected lives. From new ways to pay to the convenience and efficiency of open banking to AI-powered fraud tools, we’re continuing to empower safe, simple and secure solutions.  

Join Mastercard at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas from October 22 to 25 to experience how the company and its payments innovations are powering the financial services and payments ecosystem. Throughout the show, the Mastercard booths (#6800 and #6910) will showcase interactive demos and curated "InConversation" panel sessions exploring topics from digital assets to fraud prevention and more.  

Please see below for Mastercard’s full lineup of activity, including official Money 20/20 sessions and InConversation sessions at the Mastercard booth:

Sunday, October 22

Official Money 20/20 Session | 9:35-10:15am

“Preparing for an AI & Emerging Tech Revolution” featuring Andrew Reiskind, chief data officer 
Murano, Level 3 

Step into the epicenter of the AI revolution and its transformative impact on privacy. Understand the pulse of emerging U.S. and EU regulations and the potential minefields they present. Join us to craft a resilient, forward-thinking blueprint in the era of AI. Lead, don't follow; the future is now. 

Official Money 20/20 Session | 10:35-11:05am

“The Future of Equitable Access to Credit for Small Business” featuring Salah Goss, senior vice president, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth 
Marcello, Junior Ballroom, Level 4 

Join us for a critical discourse on the hurdles stifling equitable credit access for small businesses. Delve into real-world challenges, witness the transformative role of banks, and uncover groundbreaking fintech innovations. This is not just a discussion; it's a call to action for leaders to drive change and ignite boundless opportunities for small business magnates. Don't miss this strategic roadmap to financial empowerment. 

Monday, October 23

Official Money 20/20 Session | 10:45-11:25am

“Consumerization of Treasury: How Consumer Trends Are Influencing Treasury Transformation” featuring Marie Aloisi, executive vice president, U.S. Commercial Products and Acceptance, Merchant Verticals and Healthcare
Under the Stars, Money Hall 

With the rise of e-commerce, growing preference for digital payments and the increasing demand of real-time payments, consumers are driving treasury departments to adapt and transform the way companies manage cash flow and handle payments. Join us for a discussion on the most pressing trends that are shaping the consumer landscape and how treasurers can keep pace. 

Mastercard InConversation Panel | 11:30am-12:00pm

“The Evolution of Fintech: 2024 & Beyond” featuring Tim Montgomery, senior vice president, Digital Partnerships 
Mastercard Booth (#6800) 

This year has brought unprecedented market conditions. But market challenges present a unique opportunity for founders to foster innovation and shape the future of financial services. Join us for a discussion exploring what the landscape looks like for 2024 and beyond, pressing trends driving fintech forward, and how digital players should be thinking about their growth strategies including by leveraging partnerships and delivering exceptional user experiences. 

Mastercard InConversation Panel | 1:30-2:00pm

“The Future of B2B Payments: Virtual Cards” featuring Marie Aloisi, executive vice president, U.S. Commercial Products and Acceptance, Merchant Verticals and Healthcare
Mastercard Booth (#6800) 

Virtual cards are among the fastest-growing commercial payments solution, and CFOs are taking notice due to the security, transparency and control they provide for business purchases. Join us for a discussion on how enabling virtual cards to be loaded in mobile wallets enhances their trust and efficiency, accelerating the digitization of B2B transactions across the ecosystem. 

Mastercard InConversation Panel | 3:00-3:30Pm

“How Digital Assets Will Unlock Mainstream Financial Interoperability” featuring Raj Dhamodharan, executive vice president, Blockchain & Digital Currencies
Mastercard Booth (#6800)

Despite industry upheaval, the maturation of digital assets and blockchain technology is helping contribute to more scalable and resilient financial systems. Still, there is more to be done in order for financial players to feel comfortable leaning into this ecosystem to solve for real-world use cases. Join Mastercard and other key industry leaders for a discussion on the benefits of this technology and the necessary actions to help fuel the future of financial innovation. 

Official Money 20/20 Session | 4:00-4:30Pm

“AI, Quantum, and Crypto: Get Ready for the Impact on Payments” featuring Ed McLaughlin, president & chief technology officer
Under the Stars, Money Hall 

Payment infrastructure and systems are faster, simpler, more integrated, with greater reach than ever before, connecting billions of people to the vital products and services they need every day. Technology leaders from Mastercard, Microsoft and BMO will discuss how corporations are leveraging technology to build an inclusive payments ecosystem by taking a deep dive on how emerging technologies like tokenization, quantum computing, hybrid cloud and multi-rail are impacting our tech-enabled society and creating new opportunities.  

Official Money 20/20 Session: Live Podcast Recording | 4:15-4:5Pm

“Fraudwatch - A Money2020 Special Edition” with John Levitsky, president, U.S. Financial Institutions, and Diego Szteinhendler, senior vice president, Business Development, Cyber & Intelligence
MoneyPot Podcast Booth, Money Hall 

Join Mastercard and Glenbrook in a Money2020 Special Edition of "Fraudwatch," a quarterly series that provides information and recent trends related to payments, fraud, risk management, cybersecurity, identity verification and more. 

Tuesday, October 24

Mastercard InConversation Panel | 10:00-10:30am

“Enabling Fintechs to Capture the Next Generation of Payment Flows” featuring Sherri Haymond, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships 
Mastercard Booth (#6800)

While consumer payments continue to grow more digital and next generation offerings rapidly gain traction, B2B payments have remained a pain point for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Join us for a discussion exploring what’s next for business payments and how fintechs and large companies are partnering to co-create innovations that will help companies manage cash flows, cost savings, security and more. 

Official Money 20/20 Session: RiseUp & Amplify Program | 10:05 - 10:35am

“From Opportunity to Equality, Bringing People Together” featuring Troy Dennis, senior vice president, head of Product, Fintech & Financial Inclusion for North America
Casanova Lounge

Join Troy Dennis and other industry leaders for a conversation on career development and leadership within financial services and how financial literacy, education and inclusion can power change for future generations and their communities. 

Mastercard InConversation Panel | 11:00-11:30am

“Safeguarding an Evolving Ecosystem: From AI to Biometrics” featuring Les Matthews, executive vice president, head of Services, North America
Mastercard Booth (#6800)

While moving to a digital-first world has brought new opportunities, fraudsters are evolving their tactics and becoming more sophisticated. Join us for a discussion on how to stay ahead of fast-evolving fraudsters, as well as new approaches to safeguard this evolving ecosystem, including how AI and biometrics are supercharging fraud detection and providing real-time protection, scalability and cost-savings. 

Mastercard InConversation Panel | 2:00-2:30Pm

“Data Decency and Consumer Trust: The Foundations of Fintech Innovation” featuring Ranjita Iyer, senior vice president, Cyber & Intelligence, and Jess Turner, executive vice president, head of Open Banking and API
Mastercard Booth (#6800)

In a digital world, open banking data is a cornerstone of innovation, with the power to deliver more personalized experiences and increase financial inclusion. The promise of data, however, cannot be realized without deep trust in how our information is handled. Join us for a discussion exploring fraud trends and how we innovate the way we use, access and secure data. 

Official Money 20/20 Session | 2:50-3:30Pm

“Paying with a Selfie? How LATAM is Evolving KYC and Payment Authentication to End Fraud” featuring Kiki del Valle, executive vice president, Market Development, Latin America & Caribbean
The Black Box Stage, Money Hall 

Emerging markets can be particularly vulnerable to fraud, due to lack of built up defenses and the push to bank the unbanked. This panel will be taking us through the different components of fraud in Latin America, and how KYC is evolving in the region as a prototype for us all. 

Mastercard InConversation PaneL | 3:30-4:00pm

“Powering the Gaming Industry through Partnership” featuring Jennifer Premisler, senior vice president, Digital & Fintech Commercialization

Join Mastercard, Xsolla and others as they discuss how their partnership in the gaming space is revolutionizing choice and experiences. The companies will talk about how they are increasing revenue opportunities for their customers by making it easier for consumer gamers to pay for in game currency and items. 

Wednesday, October 25

Official Money 20/20 Session: Keynote Presentation | 9:35-10:15am

“Future Proofing Through Experiential Marketing” by Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing & communications officer and president, Healthcare
The Exchange, Money Hall 

Priceless. What started as an ad campaign has become part of the world’s consciousness. The experiential Priceless platform is centered around universal passions, fostering connections across audiences. From opening acclaimed global restaurants to connecting with people through their love of games, join this session to find out where the brand is headed next. 

Can’t make it to Vegas? Be sure to check out Mastercard’s LinkedIn for updates on how we’re driving the future of finance. 

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