Our Executives

Ari Sarker
President, Asia Pacific

Amanda Gervay
Senior Vice President, People & Capability, Asia Pacific

Barkha Patel
Senior Vice President, Communications, Asia Pacific

Ben Gilbey
Senior Vice President, Digital Consumer Solutions, Asia Pacific

David Mann
Chief Economist, Asia Pacific

Dennis Chang
Division President, Greater China

Dongchun Choi
Division President, Northeast Asia

Gautam Aggarwal
Division President, South Asia and Country Corporate Officer, India

Julie Nestor
Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing and Communications, Asia Pacific

Karthik Ramanathan
Senior Vice President, Cyber and Intelligence (C&I) Solutions, Asia Pacific

Lyndal Cardy
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific

Matthew Driver
Executive Vice President, Head of Services, Asia Pacific

Richard Wormald
Division President, Australasia

Safdar Khan
Division President, Southeast Asia

Sandeep Malhotra
Executive Vice President, Products & Innovation, Asia Pacific

Sapan Shah
Senior Vice President, Acceptance Commercialization, Asia Pacific

Shafi Shaikh
Executive Vice President, Customer Delivery, Asia Pacific

Sohil Tiwari
Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific

Teong Lee Chuah
General Counsel, Asia Pacific

Yunsok Chang
Executive Vice President, Market Development, Asia Pacific