The Cyber Threat On Our Shores

As more people live their lives online due to COVID-19, cybercriminals have spotted a lucrative opportunity – and many IoT vulnerabilities to exploit. Tune in to find out what businesses should do about it.

future of payments
The Limitless Potential of Acceptance

In this episode we explore the future of payments acceptance which is changing rapidly in response to COVID. As merchants increasingly seek digital, touchless experiences to keep customers and staff safe, what new possibilities can we explore for payments or loyalty at the point of interaction?

Coopetition - Pipe Dream or Real Thing?

In this episode we explore the concept of coopetition - collaborating with competitors to win. Is it still beneficial for tech companies, or does losing ownership of IP outweigh the benefits? As nationalist sentiment and protectionist tendencies persist, how can companies make the most of it in today’s environment?

Crash Course in Cybersecurity with Karthik Ramanathan

Do you know what happens when you click “pay now” at checkout? How do we verify your identity, process the transaction and stop fraud in its tracks – all within seconds? Tune in to find out.

Post-Pandemic Reboot: Cities, Travel & Trade

Julienne Loh, APAC head of Enterprise Partnerships, tells us about the challenges that these three critical ecosystems are facing, and how governments and businesses can partner to support them and accelerate economic recovery.

Making Cents of the Data with Donald Ong

In our first episode, we speak to Donald Ong, APAC head of Mastercard Advisors, about the role of data, analytics and Test & Learn technology in helping businesses to recover and rebound from the downturn.