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Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024

The Mastercard-CrescentRating Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024 offers a comprehensive analysis aimed at enhancing the Halal tourism experience and meeting the evolving needs of Muslim travelers.

Economic Outlook 2024

How will an empowered consumer spend amid moderating inflation and steady economic global growth in 2024? The Mastercard Economics Institute looks at how consumers will balance prices and priorities in the year ahead, with Asia Pacific consumers expected to spend more on discretionary items.

A new set of building blocks for retailers

Blockchain is the next step for retail after its progression from pure brick & mortar into an e-commerce hybrid.

Opportunities for China's credit card issuers

What's the secret to being a competitive issuer in China? Mastercard identifies five growth opportunities for retail banks based on macroeconomic shifts and evolving customer demands.

Economic Outlook 2023

How will a new multi-speed global economy impact growth and consumer spending? This Mastercard Economics Institute report explores the four key themes that will continue to shape the economic environment across cities and regions including Asia Pacific.

Global Muslim Travel Index 2023

Indonesia and Malaysia emerged as the top two destinations globally for Muslim travelers in the 8th edition of the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index. This report serves as a resource for those in the travel industry, providing crucial insights and strategies to tap into the Muslim travel market.

What lies ahead for APAC consumers?

The end of Covid-related restrictions in China could be positive for the economy in the entire Asia-Pacific region. But there's potential for challenges by way of labor shortages, wage increases and lasting inflation. Find out more from this Mastercard Economics Institute blog.

2023 outlook in APAC

The slower reopening of eastern economies, in particular northeast Asia and mainland China, is set to benefit tourism and trade in Asia Pacific. Yet, with opposing economic forces globally, the growth picture is not straightforward. Learn more about how the region might fare in this blog from the Mastercard Economics Institute.

Building next-gen loyalty programs in APAC

How are leading organizations implementing loyalty ecosystems to provide more customer value in the new digital age? This report, based on a survey of APAC loyalty leaders, explores how companies can future-proof and continue to engage consumers meaningfully through open-loop programs.

Muslim Gen Z: The Next Generation of Travelers

Muslim Gen Z travelers are demanding cultural immersion activities, and nature excursions are just as important to them as more conventional “leisure seeking” pursuits such as shopping. This Mastercard-CrescentRating report delves into insights into one of the most interesting, emerging demographics as they pursue enriching and sustainable travel experiences.

Mastercard New Payments Index

A global survey focused on the rise of omni-channel commerce, payment shifts one year after the start of the pandemic, and forward-looking consumer behavior trends and ways to pay.

Future of Payments
Tokens on a chain

The value of assets locked in DeFI – decentralized finance – saw a 250-fold increase from mid-2020 to the end of 2021, with a peak value of US$250 billion. This paper explores what’s at stake for banks, and how they can realize the opportunities and manage the risks of digital assets.

How to build a more sustainable digital economy

Mastercard's 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report connects the 'why' of our purpose with the 'what' of our business strategy.

Creating limitless possibilities for all

Mastercard's first Global Inclusion Annual Report 2021 details 10 ways we put diversity, equity and inclusion into action in 2021.

Global Muslim Travel Index 2022

Women travelers make up 45% of global Muslim arrivals, and they hold the most influence on family travel decision making. This report looks at the changing nature of travel and the shift in the demographics of Muslim travelers due to the rising influence of Gen Z, Millennials, and women.

Travel 2022: Trends & Transitions

Travel expenditure swinging in favor of experiences over things. Domestic spending in #APAC gaining momentum across hard-hit transportation industries. Learn more critical insights about the global state of travel in a less restricted, post-vaccine chapter of the Covid-19 pandemic era from this Mastercard Economics Institute Report.

Small Business
Strength in Numbers: Coordinating Small Businesses in the Tourism Sector

Proper coordination across the tourism sector through a focus on cross-industry customer journeys can empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by creating the same economies of scale and liquidity that large businesses rely on.

My Data, My Payment: Open Banking in South Korea

South Korea’s MyData initiative goes beyond payment accounts and credit cards to include all manner of savings accounts, loans, insurance and investment data. Access this report to learn how the country is preparing for a future in open finance that extends beyond the banking sector, and one that is geared towards partnerships.

Recovery Insights: Small Business Reset

The global health crisis affected small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in vastly different ways. Access the interactive report to learn more about the outsized impact to small businesses around the globe, including store closures and launches, digital innovation and their future outlook.

Artificial intelligence
AI In Focus: The Bank Technology Roadmap

Banks are increasingly deploying AI to better manage credit risk, according to this study by PYMNTS and Mastercard company Brighterion. It looks at how financial institutions are investing in technologies like artificial intelligence to make transactions faster and more accurate.

Halal Tourism: Global Muslim Travel Index

With travel hard hit by Covid, Muslim arrivals dropped to 42 million in 2020 from a high of 160 million in 2019, a level we project will only return by 2023. This report offers insights for destinations preparing for the journey back to growth.

Recovery Insights: Ready for Takeoff?

Domestic flights reaching 90% of pre-pandemic levels. Global fuel spending up 13% vs 2019. More luggage sales. After flights were grounded and travelers stayed home in 2020, this report reveals that emerging trends are now pointing to the start of a recovery.

Internet of Things
How IoT will Shape the Future of Payments

This whitepaper is a joint report with GO-NET, highlighting the benefits that IoT payments can bring to consumers as well as the potential challenges that lie ahead in processing those payments.

Mastercard Asia Pacific Consumer Retail Barometer

Mastercard's Asia Pacific Consumer Retail Barometer provides a snapshot of consumer confidence, retail business sentiment, retail sales growth and credit card expenditure around the region.

New Research: Has COVID-19 Changed Innovation?

A Mastercard and Harvard Business Review survey of 1,800 business leaders and 10,000 consumers globally reveals what truly defines innovation today and how businesses can spark it – in year two of the pandemic and beyond.

Digital Intelligence Index: APAC Economies Lead

Singapore tops the 2020 DII ranking as one of the most innovative and dynamic economies in the world. What do Hong Kong SAR, South Korea and Taiwan have in common with Singapore as global stand outs? High levels of talent, active R&D collaboration and strong records of creating digital products for a start.

Navigating COVID-19: Sailing Against the Wind

This report from Mastercard Data & Services reveals how businesses in six sectors in Asia Pacific are using data analytics to chart their course back to recovery.

ASEAN Travel Readiness Report

With travel and tourism bearing the brunt of COVID-19, this report offers insights on the effects on household finances, recovery trajectories, and recommended courses of action that apply to any destination, region or business.

Sustainability Report: Doing Well by Doing Good

Sustainability is at the heart of who we are as Mastercard, how we run our business and support our communities and environment. This report outlines our progress towards building a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy.

Future of Work
Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs

Mastercard's annual Index tracking the progress of women in business revealed that seven economies in Asia Pacific are among the top 20 worldwide that are most conducive to women’s entrepreneurship. See why they stand out and how women’s lives have been disproportionally disrupted by the pandemic.