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Inclusion through action

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We are building a more connected world where everyone has equal access to a better life. Together we can achieve inclusion through action.

Empowering people to reach their full potential

Mastercard serves as a force for good to ensure people, communities, businesses and the planet can thrive. Together, we must address systemic issues of inequality in the financial system and create solutions that have a positive impact.

Preserving the planet for future generations

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do at Mastercard – who we are as a company, how we drive our business forward and how we support the communities and environment around us.

Fostering prosperity around the world

With more than a decade of experience as a leader in financial inclusion, Mastercard is helping one billion people and 50 million small businesses – with a focus on 25 million women entrepreneurs – to help grow their businesses.


Inclusion Through Action in practice

Explore our global programs that are delivering scalable and commercially sustainable social impact in the map below.

our commitment 

1 billion individuals

Five years ago, Mastercard committed to bring 500 million excluded individuals into the digital economy. Now we are doubling down on our original commitment, taking everything we’ve learned so far and reaching to include another 500 million people by 2025, for a total of 1 billion individuals. Alongside that, we’re committing to help 50 million small and micro merchants, with a direct focus on providing 25 million women entrepreneurs with solutions that can help them grow their businesses. 

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Community catalyst: He’s sparking a clean energy revolution in Black communities

‘Climate change is one of those problems where everybody has to be involved,’ says Anthony Kinslow II, the founder of Gemini Energy Solutions.

How to close the gap between the data haves and the data have-nots

Two experts in harnessing data for social good share success stories and discuss how to expand the talent pipeline to ensure everyone can benefit from data science.

How to harvest the power of clean energy for off-grid African farmers

As many as 100,000 farmers in Kenya will be able to finance energy assets to boost productivity through a new digital platform.

The human equation: Using AI and data to address global challenges and build inclusive economies

"AI, I hope you will think, means actionable impact," says Shamina Singh, at the opening of Mastercard's second annual Data Impact summit.

In Mozambique, a virtual assistant powered by data analytics is driving opportunities

Three organizations joined forces to boost the economic resilience of these vulnerable entrepreneurs.

She's building the digital rails to go the last mile

On the podcast "What's Next In," Mastercard's Tara Nathan discusses Community Pass, a digital infrastructure that enables the delivery of critical services to digitally excluded and underserved populations in India and across Africa.

The art of crafting a tourism recovery that includes everyone

Costa Rica’s artisans are tapping the tourist market by going digital: “We’re women with quite a few years between us, but we’ve not given up and stopped learning,” says painter Luz Amparo Rodriguez.

Lessons from Birmingham: How to build up Black-owned small businesses

The city’s small business owners were at the heart of the civil rights struggle, and they can be key today in narrowing the racial wealth gap.

Davos takeaways: The economy, blockchain and building trust by accelerating inclusion

About 2,700 business and government leaders gathered in Davos for the annual conference looking to find innovative solutions to global crises.

How to turn farmers from price takers to price makers

In Africa and India, Farm Pass is helping farmers digitize their operations, access new buyers and secure capital to grow.

The power of the pitch is growing Indigenous entrepreneurship

“We need to see other Indigenous people succeed to know that we can succeed,” says Sunshine Tenasco, the founder of Pow Wow Pitch.

Planting the seeds of empowerment in Malawi

A nonprofit that supplies villages with pumps for clean drinking water has blossomed into a tree restoration initiative that brings jobs to local women.

Thoughts from an ‘urgent optimist’: How scaling prize-winning solutions could save the planet

‘The world doesn’t have an innovation problem – it has a speed-to-scale problem,’ says Earthshot Prize CEO Hannah Jones

Small businesses can unlock the door to generational wealth. This app can help

GenEQTY’s Dionne Gumbs uses tech and data science to create more opportunities for small businesses in the new digital economy, starting by addressing the needs of female entrepreneurs and diverse small business owners.

3 ways to make the economy work better for women

Removing the barriers to female empowerment unlocks economic prosperity for all, says Mastercard’s Payal Dalal.

Digital tools for virtual hands: How VR training can help the smallest businesses grow

A new initiative in Brazil’s favelas will use virtual reality to upskill microentrepreneurs, from digital literacy and financial management training to mentorship sessions.

Inclusion is the key to more responsible, human-centered data practices

Data connects us all and it should reflect us all — that’s why we need to make sure we build our digital world to live up to its full, inclusive potential.

How fish-skin sneakers are tipping the scales for these women in Central America

A Honduran shoe designer is teaching her techniques to women in remote fishing villages, putting them on a path toward sustainable living.

In Egypt, digital payroll helps garment workers reap what they sew

Digitizing wages is helping women save more and manage their money better, building resilience.

Advice from 5 female entrepreneurs on money, tech and resilience

The 2021 Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs shows how female business owners have been more severely impacted by the pandemic – and how they can yet reach their full potential.

Two fintech founders on access, opportunity and bad advice

Fonta Gilliam of Wellthi and Dennis Cail of Zirtue are working to bring more financial security to underserved communities but faced funding challenges of their own.

When the economy stumbled, these Black entrepreneurs rose up

Black entrepreneurship is on the rise as founders find their way around financial roadblocks.

How St. Louis is changing what it means to be a first responder

A first responder to a 911 call might be a mental health counselor. A new program aims to give people in crisis the help they need, keeping them out of ERs and jails.

First a pandemic, then a pivot. Now this Black entrepreneur is empowering others

“You have to be able to roll with the highs and the lows,” says clothing designer Michelle Cadore, who embraced digital during the pandemic and saw sales skyrocket.

AI bias harms Black families and businesses. Howard University is working to change that

As data increasingly guides decision-making in many parts of our lives, Howard is establishing a new center to train the next generation of data scientists.

How FOMO could be the secret to building personal wealth

Inspired by group savings clubs in Asia, Africa and Latin America, two American women are modernizing this tradition to help people build wealth better together and give the underbanked more opportunities to thrive.

It’s time to problem solve — not paper over — inequities in our cities

"The pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to harness efforts to rebuild more equitable and sustainable cities," says Mastercard's Salah Goss. "Let’s get to work, lock arms with local leaders and communities to building a bridge to a more inclusive future."

In Mexico, digital ‘angels’ teach women lifelong business skills

‘It’s never too late,’ says a 50-year-old business owner who brought her cash-only shop into the digital age.

Elevating Atlanta’s Black entrepreneurs takes a ‘Village’

This Atlanta nonprofit gives Black business owners the training to grow. ‘Support is a verb,’ its founder says.

How a fintech founder sought purpose after injustice

Wall Street banker Wole Coaxum left his job to focus on financial services for communities of color. At MoCaFi, he draws a bright line between social justice and economic opportunities.

Monuments, not just markers: Saving Birmingham’s civil rights landmarks

With interest in civil rights tourism surging, the city of Birmingham has embarked on an ambitious plan to revive the A.G. Gaston Motel.

A two-track pandemic? Why vaccine inequity is a problem for everyone

“In the context of this unprecedented global pandemic, equity is not just the right thing to do – it is the necessary thing to do,” says Gavi’s Li Zhang.

Black-owned restaurants have supported their neighbors. Now they need help

The heart of Black neighborhoods, these restaurants have struggled during the pandemic. Their closures could leave an outsized hole – but there is hope.


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